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Experience less stress and more joy in your life through a deeper understanding of yourself and your history, and by working on your past and present relationships.

Get support and guidance

Untangle Your Inner Knots

Find More Joy In Life

Are you experiencing internal turmoil or turmoil in your relationships with others?

Maybe you want to be able to be more vulnerable and open with your loved ones.

You want to worry less.

You want to feel more energy and hope, and be able to feel excited about a new day.

If so, you are in the right place.

Hi! I’m Andrew Gladstone-Highland

I am a therapist, and I specialize in the attachment relationships between parents and children, and then between adults and their partners. Challenges related to these relationships often show up as anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns in individuals, all of which I have experience treating.

I enjoy helping individuals and families to get to know themselves better, solve problems, and ultimately, break generational cycles of behavior that the individuals have identified as holding them back.

Before becoming a therapist, I had ten years of work experience in the non-profit sector and in the United Methodist Church – I believe that gives me a more universal and holistic perspective on the mental health challenges that people face, as opposed to a strictly clinical perspective, which can often feel stigmatizing and isolating to people. I have a relaxed, conversational style, as I believe that genuine connection is the foundation that enables any helpful therapy to take place.

Become the version of yourself you can be most proud of

Compassionate Support

Unbiased Reflection

Thoughtful Guidance

Despite what many people think, mental health is not being happy all the time

Instead, it involves having access to the full range of emotions. It involves being able to feel all of those different things, and when appropriate, being able to express those feelings to others.

This is particularly challenging for boys and men, due to traditional gender roles, which have often emphasized not showing much emotion. For many boys and men, sadness and anxiety can easily turn into anger, and into a corresponding inability to manage strong feelings. I help you untangle those knots, to feel safe enough to recognize and express all of your feelings appropriately.

I have had multiple clients say that the experience of therapy has changed their lives for the better

It enables them to understand their own feelings and thoughts to a greater extent, communicate much better with their loved ones, and ultimately, become the kinds of adults that they have wanted to become, as opposed to following in the unhealthy patterns of some of their own family members.

But not every client experiences this kind of dramatic growth

Some simply want to have an objective person to talk with, to vent their frustrations and brainstorm solutions to problems, and to help them to develop better coping skills. I try to meet each client where they are.

Wherever you are in your journey, I’m here for you.

Clients’ testimonials

We appreciate Andrew so much for the support he’s provided our family over the past two years.  We feel very lucky that he is part of our village!
Parents of client

I went from not even being able to break down everything that well to being able to process everything in an easier way. I never thought I’d need to talk to someone before, but you have made it really easy to know that help is there if I need it.

My daughter really enjoyed her first appointment, and even asked to go back the next day! LOL
Parent of client

My son always feels so much better after talking with you.
Parent of client

I appreciate being able to vent about the challenges of parenting and helping my mom as she ages.

Andrew was so supportive of our family during a very difficult period.
Parents of former client

Imagine if you didn’t have to go through every day with the burden of anxiety and depression

Imagine feeling more proud of yourself, and more secure in your relationships with your family and friends

You can start feeling better fast. Depending on the nature of the challenges you are trying to address, many people start feeling significant relief after just a few sessions. Simply knowing that you aren’t alone can be a tremendous comfort.

We will work together to help you meet your goals!


For an appointment or a free 15-minute consultation, please get in touch via email or phone.

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