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Healthy Masculinity

American society socializes boys and men to show very little emotion, in general.  Many boys and men learn to show little emotion, until their feelings boil over in anger, anger that is often scary and sometimes violent.

So, teach the boys in your life
(1) How to be sad and scared without being angry, and
(2) How to be angry without being scary or violent.
After all, the definition of mental health, as I have learned it ever since Social Work school, is NOT to only have positive feelings, but to have access to ALL of your feelings – to be able to have thoughts about your feelings, and feelings about your thoughts.
And lastly, teach the boys you know
(3) How to ask for help when they need it.  We can turn toxic masculinity and its accompanying violence around, but it will take work.
If you or someone you know would benefit from processing any of this, then therapy can help!

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